Heal Yourself

Did you ever wonder if you could heal yourself? The answer is yes you can! In the Heal Yourself workshop you will:

  • Learn a self-healing technique that in minutes a day can both heal and keep you healthy.
  • Learn self-healing Body Chats.
  • This workshop is based on my book Heal Yourself: Drug Free Healing By The Power of New Science & Ancient Wisdom 2014, Balboa Press
cube-i2 Time:3 hours


Release Your Fear of Public Speaking

Does this shound like you?

You’ve put much time, energy and knowledge into your presentation and you’re only minutes away from speaking to your audience and then…your heart starts to beat faster…your hands begin to sweat…a strange tightness enters your chest…as your words spill out, your mouth goes dry.

The dreaded fear of public speaking has over-taken you.

Let me help. In this workshop you will learn a proven energy technique that will clear this long held fear.

cube-i2 Time:3 hours


Attracting Abundance into Your Life

Does this happen to you?

You know what you want – you have all your ducks in a row but you just can’t reach that elusive goal.

Would you believe that you are self-sabotaging? Yes we all do it. In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to identify the limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging beliefs
  • how to remove them.
  • how to create your future matrix filled with abundance.
cube-i2 Time:3 hours


Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is based on traditional Chinese medicine.  Similar to acupuncture it works with the body’s energy meridians to bring about both physical and emotional balance.

EFT is a powerful tool for helping release personal negative emotions and beliefs. These personal negative thoughts can keep you from moving forward in life and can also contribute to stress and disease.

In this 3 hour EFT Workshop you will be introduced to the concept of EFT.

You will learn the Tapping process for personal use and will practice the procedure in relation to a Personal Peace Process.

cube-i2 Time:3 hours