How Focused are Your Employees? Life Coaching Activities
Posted on: Monday, March 14th, 2011 1:55 pm | Work

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Focus: A center of interest or activity, as defined by the Webster dictionary.

How is it that we can stand by a river casting a fishing line for hours, totally focused? Or with 100% focus we can follow a little ball around a golf course for miles?

For a moment think about a time you were involved in either of these activities. What do you hear? For the most part there is still and quite. Your mind is free from white noise and casual chatter. You are on a river to fish or a golf course to golf….activities needing a dedicated Focus.

Your mind is clear of other thoughts. Fishing or Golfing become your center of activity. Your main focus.

Focus or having focus is necessary to each and every individual if we are to be successful in our day to day life.

At work it is necessary to focus on the tasks at hand.
Focus is necessary in getting your ducks in a row. While making those cold calls, they become your center of activity.
Focus is necessary for every successful relationship.

If you are a business owner, how focused are you? How focused are your employees? How do you keep them focused?

An unfocused individual is not going to accomplish much in the work place or in life. What happens if you take a picture with a camera that is out of focus….right, you get nothing but a blur; not a quality picture.

How do we get ourselves in focus and how can we insure our employees are fully focused?

Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

1. At work adjust your focus and attend to what you have to do, you will find work being completed in a more effective timely manner.

2. Focus on yourself. Attend to how you attend and focus. How good are you?

Ask Yourself

How well do I focus at work?

What do I attend to at work?

What should I attend to at work?

Do I set aside time to focus and attend to tasks?

Do tasks go unfinished due to lack of Focus and attention?

Focusing on what is happening at the immediate time is an essential part of any sport. Some may call it concentration but it is Focusing. And just as in sport, to succeed in life and work we have to develop the skills of Focusing.

Have a day of Focus!

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