Most Important Skill in Becoming a Life Coach
Posted on: Monday, October 25th, 2010 1:01 pm | Life Coaching, Positive Thinking, Work

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Are you self aware?

How many of us move through life unaware of how our actions, or lack of create the life we have?

As a Life Coach, you need to become very aware of your Life, if you are to coach other’s in their Life.

Life is not easy.

Life training is not given to us anywhere in our school system.

For most, Life, and achieving a meaningful life, happens by hit or miss and discovery.

As a Life Coach you will work with individuals to lessen the ‘hit or miss’ events and help them create success through directed planning.

This will only happen if you as a Life Coach develop and maintain a level of personal Self Awareness.

Listed below are some questions for you to help develop and maintain your Self Awareness.

These are taken from by book, Life Coaching Activities and Powerful Questions.

7 Powerful Questions

1. How do you see yourself?

2. What do you expect of you?

3. What do you demand of you?

4. What do you believe about you?

5. What do you believe about other people in your life?

6. If you were on a sport’s team (hockey, rugby) what contribution would you make?

7. If you had a personal flag what would be the symbol?

Take these questions and use them to self reflect. Change is constant and so we too constantly change so take time to reflect, learn and grow.

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Coach Phyllis

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