Mind Set
Posted on: Monday, March 23rd, 2015 6:14 pm | Positive Thinking

All of our computers function within an operating system, be it Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac etc. Within humans our Mind Set becomes the operating system. Our mind set consists of our beliefs, attitudes and assumptions about the world that have developed from all of our life experiences. Mind set can be seen as a pair of eye glasses that create our view of the world. Mind set influences how we react and respond to others and events in our life.

Our Mind Set consists of our beliefs (positive or negative), our Self esteem (our view of self) our level of persistence, our attitude. All of these form our operating system.

As life coaches we need to understand our own operating systems or mind set before we can coach. You need to know just how you operate or respond in differing situations. You need to know how you feel in different situations. You need to know just how you see the world.

Mind set is your habitual way of thinking, feeling and responding.

Mindset Coaching Questions

1. Is your glass half full or half empty?

2. Is it a great day or an ok day?

3. Are you full of hope or fear?

4. Do you believe in yourself or are you filled with self-doubt?

5. What is your operating system?

6. Does it need to be modified or upgraded?

7. Is your operating system user friendly?

8. Are all of your actions fear based?

9. Where is your attention?

10. Are you withholding yourself from life?

I firmly believe we all have tremendous potential but unfortunately some of us don’t get to reach our full potential. To succeed we may need to change up our operating system, we may need to change the way we think. This is not easy, as our thoughts about self have been developing from the day we were born and for some of us that