Happiness Is?
Posted on: Monday, March 11th, 2013 2:15 am | Positive Thinking

Thanks Subscribers for your input…a request for info on happiness came from several of you so I hope this helps.

Happiness is…………….

I think that some of you know that my first grandchild, a beautiful little girl was born 17 months ago and of course like any good grandma when I’m with her I love to play games. One that she favored at about 12 months was…If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”  This little activity brought her great joy.

If you’re happyjoy????? 

As adults we sometimes forget that these two emotions, feelings are essentail to life and success.

We know happiness when we see it. We also know joy…but just how much happiness and joy are in your life right now?

What happened from the time you were learning to skip, play ball, twist that hoola hoop, skate or just hang out and laugh?

You got busy. You have work to do. Families to take care of. Houses to clean. Places to go. Perople to meet.

Early on in my coaching career I had a male client in his early 50’s who achieved all he could in his career…he was bringing in millions to his company. Why then you might ask would he want life coaching.  In his words..‘he had lost all the joy from his life‘ and he wanted it back again. Life was no longer fun. He had trouble even feeling joy when he was with his children.

It happens!

We get so caught up in our To Do List, now To Do Lists are essential, I’m the queen of To Do Lists but we also need a LIFE.

Let’s place on the To Do List a note to take time to laugh, have fun or just hang out. Now define what would make you laugh or feel joy. Here is a list that some of my clients use to restart their Happiness/Joy area of Life. These are also some of mine.

1. Get out in nature. Depending on where you live that might be your back garden, a city park or a golf course. Turn off your phone and walk slowly noticing sounds, smells, colors.

2. What was your favorite game as a kid? If you can still do this without harming yourself give it a try.  Share with your kids or grandkids. They just might be excited about a good old board game.

3. Watch a funny movie. Laugther is medicne for the body and spirit. :)

4. Spend time with a comfortable friend, family member.

5. Volunteer.  Giving always makes us happy.

6. Stop watching the TV news before you go to be…or stop watching completely for a week.

7. Last but not least…………


No matter which activity you choose…Choose first to be Happy.

Make every day a Happy Day!!!!  Smile, Smile and Smile some more.

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Love to hear form you.
Coach Phyllis