Parents Learn to Listen and Focus Life Coaching Activities
Posted on: Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 7:13 pm | Children, Life Coaching

Phyllis Rearon
Life Coach

As your son/daughter begins the new school year they will be faced with many new pieces of information that may cause them some worry. They will want to talk to you about this but may not alawys be able to express their concerns clearly. When you come home after a long day at work it may be difficult to focus on what you child is saying. You may indeed listen but are you really hearing what is said?

Try This Life Coaching Activity:

One – On – One Time

1. Practice patience with them.

2. Set aside time to be with your child, away from TV’s and video games.

3. Ask how their day was and really listen to their answers.

4. Ask about their days activities, both school and play.

5. Ask about friends,old and new. Remember these names.

6. Ask about school homework and projects. Follow up later in the week.

This simple exercise can keep you in touch with your child and create a routine that will carry over to their teenage years.

Phyllis Reardon
Coach Phyllis