Keynote 1

Are Your Thoughts Working for You?

Did you know that your thoughts are energy and they can influence everything around you?

Your thoughts actually create the life you have right now. Looking for a change? Start with your thoughts.

Learn how to attract abundance, love, a healthy life. The life you want.

This 45 minute Keynote will help you understand just how your thoughts create your life and how you can change those thoughts to have what you want in life.

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Keynote 2

Releasing Fear of Public Speaking

Is the fear of public speaking negatively impacting your bottom line?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve put much time, energy and knowledge into your presentation and you’re only minutes away from speaking to your audience and then…your heart starts to beat faster…your hands begin to sweat…a strange tightness enters your chest…as your words spill out, your mouth goes dry.

The dreaded fear of public speaking has over-taken you.

Let me help. In this workshop you will learn a proven energy technique that will clear this long held fear.

45 minute Keynote

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