Self Love Equals a Healthy Heart
Posted on: Monday, February 4th, 2013 2:56 am | Heal Yourself, Positive Thinking

Loving Self leads to a healthy heart.

heartThe most important Love to focus on is Love of Self. If we don’t love our self we can’t possibly love someone else. Loving self, accepting self, nurturing self are necessary for a healthy self and a healthy heart.
1. If we don’t love our self we are filled with self hate which leads to Stress.

2. If we don’t accept our self we filled with self doubt which leads to more Stress.

3. If we don’t nurture our self we will suffer from lack of sleep and nutrition which also causes a Stress.

Stress can cause high blood pressure and heightened levels of cholesterol. Therefore lack of Self Love will cause physical Heart problems. So yes Self Love will keep you healthy.

Let’s start this month with a big heaping of Self Love.

What are you going to do to Love yourself today?

I invite you to make a list of how you will Self Love.  Pick up a little booklet or use a calendar and each day note what you do for your Self. Show the Love to You!!!!!! Your Heart will thank you.

Start your Self Love Challenge!