Motivation Dropping? Life Coaching Activities for Persistence
Posted on: Friday, October 1st, 2010 10:05 am | Coaching Activities and Tips, Goal Setting, Heal Yourself, Life Coaching, Positive Thinking, Procrastination

CoachPhyllis M.Ed.
Life Coach

Staying Motivated takes a little work.

So you started a fitness program in early September and you were full of excitement and energy. Your list of goals in hand you headed to your gym but recently some of that enthusiasm has dwindled. What o do? How an you get that energy back?

Life Coaching Activities for Persistence

1. Write down your goals and put them where you can read them every day. Make your goals realistic.

2. Daily visualize or picture the outcome you want.

3. Know that all of your successes happen because of the time and energy you put into them.

4. If you slip, get back up, dust off your crown and keep going.

5. Tell a close friend or a life coach what your goal is; this helps keep you accountable.

6. Work on your goal every day.

7. Stay positive about your goal.

8. Continue to gather information and knowledge about your goal.

9. Don’t allow negative comments of others keep you from achieving your goal.

10. Reward yourself!

“If you wish success in life, make perseverance your bosom friend.”

Joseph Addison