Back to School Help – Know How to Plan- Parent Life Coaching Activies
Posted on: Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 2:41 pm | Children, Goal Setting, Life Coaching

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

It’s the first week of back to school, a great time to start some good habits. Start with Planning! I offer Life Coaching Activities.

Crucial to school success is Planning….real planning that will be consistent and persistent.

How ever your child plans, whatever they use for planning, make sure they plan.

Some ways that students use to plan are:

1. Day planner

2. Cell phone

3. Wall calendar

4. Desk calandar

5. To Do list

6. Online planner

All of these will work but only if the information is enetered and follow up takes place. Make sure your son/daughter develops the Planning habit early in the school year. The benefits are fantastic.

Life Coaching Activities to build Planning skills

1. Asking which form of planning they prefer.

2. Have them set up their first week.

3. Suggest they set aside a regular time on Sundays to revise and rewrite their plan.

4. Hold them accountable by checking in to see if indeed they are following their set plan.

5.Reward and acknowledge their planning success.

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