Christmas Gifts for Children…..Dinosaurs and More!
Posted on: Friday, December 3rd, 2010 3:19 pm | Children

Phyllis Reardon, M.Ed.
Life Coach

I just had an email from a friend who asked if I could recommend some children’s books for Christmas gifts. This immediately got me thinking about when my children were young and the books that were big on their list.

They were fascinated by dinosaurs. Each of them, and I have four, developed this interest at about th age of three and it lasted for several years.

As an educator, with a degree in developmental psychology, I found this very interesting. Wouldn’t you think they would be scared by these huge, unusual looking creatures? But no, they couldn’t get enough of them…..books, figurines…puzzles.

So if you are thinking about which books to get for your children or grandchildren for Christmas, check out Dinosaur books.

I am listing several that you may find interesting.

Happy shopping!