Coach Phyllis


helping you enjoy life and grow your bottom line

Does this seem like you?

  • Do you give more time to your business than to yourself?
  • Do worrying thoughts float to the top of your head just as you settle in for the night?
  • Do you awaken at 2:30am with a chest or tummy filled with anxiety?
  • Are there days when you feel totally overwhelmed?
  • Does your business feel like it is all consuming?

I can help.
I’ve been there. I know those feelings

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Are you ready to enjoy your life and
your business?

I offer two distinct Coaching Packages for you the Business Woman:


I also offer intensive one-on-one coaching




Is time of the essence to you?

I’m available for intensive one-on-one coaching that will see you make significant cognitive shift within hours. Your life is waiting!
You can contact me personally for info on this.